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This is an invitation for Barbadian citizens; the Barbadian Diaspora and our International Friends, to become “Friends of the Environment”, by adopting a tree, in Barbados. When you adopt a tree, we will look after that tree for you; you will receive a picture of the tree being planted and an annual update on its growth and development, for the duration of your support.

Anyone who loves Barbados and has adopted a tree, can come “home” (even if just visiting), to look for their tree, in the Barbados National Botanical Gardens. Hopefully, by adopting a tree it will stand in alignment with the sentiments of the Secretary General of the Commonwealth – Rt. Hon. Patricia Scotland, who planted a Baobab tree in the National Botanical Gardens, on the 21st of February, 2020.


“To plant one of the most beautiful trees in Barbados and in my
honour; I don’t think it could get any better than that. I hope
the tree will grow and flourish; and that it would be able to spread
its branches wide; and that all the children who come to this garden, will shelter under it.”
Rt. Hon. Baroness Patricia Scotland