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Eco-school will be captured in a competitive light. We want to encourage the many virtues giving; but we also want to engender a culture, which rewards the merits of hard work (or “going the extra-mile”). In this sense, we decided to have our Environmental and Ecological Education campaign, capture the rewards of both donorship and industry.

The education of a nation starts with the youth and through the Eco-School campaign and its many competitions, we will allow students to earn while they learn. By encouraging Corporate Barbados to sponsor ecological competitions (within schools), we can stack functionalities; in hopes of realizing a robust and responsive, environmentally aware, civic society. Let’s help our children to understand, that Eco-School can be both fun and rewarding.

Essay Competition

The essay competition will be geared towards schools. Students are prompted to write essays about what Climate Change means to them. They are also asked to describe the benefits of trees for the environment. They are finally asked to close their essays with examples of the potential uses for trees, which will help Barbados to adapt, to the changing of its climate.

Art Competition

The art competition will also be aimed at students. They are prompted to make artistic impressions of trees and how they help people in everyday life.  In other words, they will make drawings, paintings or other artistic mediums to show how tree can improve the quality of life for the entire country.

Seed Collection Competition

This is a drive to have schools bring in seeds and planting materials (fruits, aggregate fruits, and parts of aggregate fruits); the WE PLANTIN’ project highly encourages these types of activities, as they will help tremendously to our program.

Schools are encouraged to participate in our SEEDS TO FEED program; where they can donate or sell seeds to our project. The Seed Drive will help us to collect in-season planting material for fruit, growing only once or twice a year.

We would like seeds to be taken to:

  • National Conservation Commission (NCC)
  • Soil Conservation Unit (SCU)

Propagation Competition

The propagation competition will be used to encourage students to grow seeds, seedlings, crops and garden vegetables. The schools will be encouraged to use the proceeds from their harvests, to provide nutritional supplements for their own kitchens; and to the needy within their own communities.

Schools will also be encouraged to participate in our TREES FOR COMMUNITIES program, where they can realize value, from selling trees to our program. Trees can also be donated.

For donated trees; prizes will be given based on Corporate and Public sponsorship. The levels of competition will be Primary, Secondary and (some) Tertiary. Prizes will be given by age group, at the Primary and Secondary levels.

No prizes will be given for trees sold to our program.