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About the Competition

The National Tree Planting competition is back this year, and it is bigger than ever! What better way to celebration our new National Barbados Day, than by having a [13-day] long competition, which rewards participants for planting many, many trees.

The competition encourages persons to register with the project and to start: planting, photographing and uploading their (new) trees to the Tree Planting Competition App; [starting] the week of Monday November 7th, 2022 – from 12:00 PM.

The competition will last for [13-days, or until 8:00 PM on Monday November 21st, 2022]. The Winner and runners-up will be announced on [Monday December 6th, 2022].

This year, fruit trees will be donated will stocks last. The collection point and amount each competitor can receive will be communicated via competition app dashboard.

Start: 5:00 AM, Monday November 7th, 2022

Finish: [8:00 PM, Monday November 21st, 2022]


Winner Announced: [Monday December 6th, 2022]


Prizes will be awarded to the TOP (3) three individuals who plant and upload the MOST photos of trees. The prize winnings are as follows: 

1st Place – $15,000.00 BBD + A National Award + A Challenge Trophy 

2nd Place – $5,000.00 BBD

3rd Place – $3,000.00 BBD

Bonus – $2000.00 BBD (Payable at the end of March 2023 to the competitor who has planted the most/longest surviving trees from the competition)

Competition Rules

  • The competition is opened to individuals; NO groups will be allowed to win the competition
  • Groups are encouraged to still participate, if they wish to take part and contribute to the tree planting activities
  • Photo entries from groups can be “uploaded”, but unfortunately, they will NOT be considered for the competition
  • GPS location MUST be activated in order for entries to be qualified; the location of trees are verified through the APP – using GPS

For the clarity on the rules, it is better to first define the types of photo entries which will NOT be accepted.

  • The project will NOT be accepting ornamental shrubs like: Bougainvillea, Crotons, Yellow Elder, Dracaena, Xeranthemum, Ginger Lilly, Aloe…etc.
  • Also, NO root crops will be accepted, like: potatoes, carrots, okras, and garden vegetables and herbs. NO pea trees will be accepted
  • Grass will not be accepted
  • NO photos involving other: things, objects, organisms, or illicit materials will be accepted. ONLY a “newly” planted tree will be accepted
  • Photos taken before 12:00 PM on Monday the 7th of November, will NOT be accepted
  • Photos taken after [8:00 PM on Monday the 21st of November], will NOT be accepted
  • Photos of the same tree, will ONLY be accepted once
  • NO potted trees; trees in plant pots or place holders will NOT be accepted
  • Entrants are asked to have the exclusive ownership or right to plant trees on the desired property
  • If there is no exclusive right or ownership, the competitor must seek Prior Informed Consent from the land owner, in order to plant trees on the desired property
  • Photos of planted trees, on land where there is no exclusive ownership or right to plant trees AND which cannot be validated for Prior Informed Consent from the land’s owner, will be disqualified

What Qualifies as a Valid Entry

Although some of these plants are not, classified as trees:

  • ALL plants / trees which bear edible fruit will be accepted
  • These include: Cherry trees, Guava trees, “Fat Pork” trees, Soursop trees, Banana trees…etc. This DOES NOT include Vines.
  • Palm trees will also be accepted
  • ALL trees which have a woody stem, bole or trunk will be accepted. These are trees which are not listed in the “NOT accepted” section above 
  • All photos MUST have one tree inside of an “UNCOVERED” hole
  • The root of the tree must be “UNCOVERED” – by soil
  • The entire tree must be displayed in the photo – NO partial photos will be accepted
  • An “entire tree” can be described as: the “UNCOVERED” hole with the tree inside and the top or “tip” of the tree – also known as the tree “crown”. The photo must contain these things, to be considered valid
  • Trees MUST be planted on the ground and in the earth
  • Trees MUST have a minimum spacing of 8ft between them
  • ALL photos MUST be taken between 12:00 PM on Monday November 7th and [8:00 PM on Monday November 21st]

Registration Guidelines

Step 1 – go to the competition link: OR and “click” on the “TREE CONTEST” drop down arrow in the Menu

Step 2 – read the competition rules thoroughly, as entries will be verified by the Web Application protocols

Step 3 – click “Enter Competition” to create a new user account OR log-in if you already have an existing account; please log on to your profile in order to take or upload your photos

Step 4 – you will receive a notification message saying “ wants to know your location“. Please press “ALLOW” in order for your tree location to be validated.

Step 5 – use the web app to “take” and “publish” photos. Competitors can also “save” photos to their photo gallery, which can be uploaded at a later time; but ONLY within the stipulated duration of the competition

Photos must be taken via the web app in order to be valid. An internet connection, whether via the use of “data” or “Wi-Fi”, will be necessary, in order to “take”, “save” or “publish” photos.

How to upload your photo entry

Step 1 – go to the competition link: OR and “click” on the “TREE CONTEST” drop down arrow in the Menu

Step 2 – click “Enter Competition” to create a new user account OR log-in if you already have an existing account

Step 3 – you will receive a notification message saying “ wants to know your location“. Please press ‘ALLOW’ in order for your tree location to be validated.

Step 4 – click on “Plant a Tree“, you will be prompted to choose between “Camera” OR “File

Step 5a – if you need to take a new photo of your freshly planted tree, then please select “Camera“. You will be asked to choose between “publish” photo immediately OR “save” photo to your photo gallery, for later submission. Please choose your desired option

Step 5b – if you already have a saved and valid photo and you wish to “publish” it, please complete Step 3, then choose from “file” when the options appear; you can then select the photo from your photo gallery – from your previous tree planting. When you have the right photo selected, then click “publish” photo

Disclaimer: standard service charges may apply for data usage, when using the web application to “take“, “save” or “publish” photos. When using mobile data, it is recommended that you “take” and “save” photos via the web application first, in order to limit data charges. Photos can be published at a later time, when “Wi-Fi” is available. 

The application uses GPS data to geo-locate where each photo was taken. The metadata from each uploaded picture, will be stored and used to validate the photo, for compliance with specific competition rules.

Please Enjoy Responsibly: individuals and parties are asked to comply with (the current) COVID-19 protocols at all times; this is especially encouraged, when engaging in activities related to the tree planting competition.