You Must Be the Change you Want to See

i. Importance of the mission

The Barbados National Tree Planting Project is a long-term visionary strategic initiative which will not only to respond to the challenges of climate change but will redound to the benefit of Barbados and Barbadians for years to come. This National Project is intended to accomplish multiple goals, including: mitigating the negative effects of climate change, by reducing our carbon footprint; while at the same time, providing trees for shade; for beautification for recreation, for business and entrepreneurship, for conservation of our ecosystems and for food.

ii. Involving schools

The establishment of fruit orchards at schools will provide students with an educational experience about local plants and provide the school with a supply of fresh fruit to supplement the Government’s School Meals Program. It will also assist in creating a healthier school population.

iii. Community involvement

The development and management of community parks and green spaces is an important part of this project, as we will be aiming to mobilize communities to plant trees as a way of contributing to foster stronger communities.

iv. How to make a difference now

  • If you wish to plant a tree in your back yard or on your plot of land, obtain the tree from the public nursery, plant it and send us a picture showing you planting the tree to our website www. We will include you in our list of friends of the environment. If you plant more than twenty trees then you will be considered a champion of the environment.
  • If you wish to plant a tree and wish us to plant it for you, you can call us at 262-TREE; phone | WhatsApp | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter and make arrangements to have the tree planted. We will send you a picture of your tree and a contribution of $100.00 will be required for this service.
  • If you wish to make a financial contribution to this project you can contact the Barbados Tree Planting Secretariat at 535-4382;
  • If you have space and would like to develop a backyard garden, we can advise on the way forward.
  • You can also adopt a tree in the National Botanical Garden from here in Barbados or from any part of the world. For $100 Barbados or $US50, the tree of your choice will be planted for you at the National Botanical Garden. When you adopt a tree, you will receive a picture the tree being planted and an annual update on its growth and development.
  • If you own a business or manage a corporate entity and wish to partner with us as part of your corporate social responsibility then you can contribute by:
    • Sponsoring tree planting activities in the community
    • Allowing your employees time off to engage in national tree planting activities
    • Provide support to the project by adopting trees in the National Botanical Garden
    • Provide support to community groups that plant trees e.g. 4H Club, Boy Scouts, Girl Guides, Neighbourhood Watch groups
    • Provide a special discount to persons enrolled in our ‘champions of the environment’ Roster
    • Car dealers should plant a tree for every car that they sell
    • Companies may wish to plant a tree for each of their employees.