The National Tree Planting project will endeavor to plant trees for a purpose; we will plant for:

Capturing emissions from greenhouse gases
Creating and maintaining a healthy environment and ecosystem – within aware and responsible communities
Increasing the availability of nutritional supplements – provided by trees (shrubs, crops and herbs)
Reducing the occurrence of non-communicable diseases, by ensuring that we produce and consume foods, by using more organic and natural means

By planting more than a million trees, we hope to benefit from the marriage between human and nature. Trees will be planted with the purpose of serving our Island, its citizens and its visitors, now; while providing the natural infrastructure for a clean, safe and prosperous Barbados – for our loved ones into the future.

1- Climate Intervention

To align the project and its objectives, with the effort to comply with the Paris Climate accord, which we signed; as a responsible country, that keeps its commitments its international agreements. Climate intervention or adaptation, is in keeping with the mandate of the (current) Government’s platform, of making Barbados carbon neutral by 2030. By planting more than a Million trees, we will be providing the cheapest and most organic means of: arresting, fixating or sequestering carbon from the atmosphere; as trees provide readily available carbon sinks (during their maturation cycle).

2- Social Transformation

To involve the population in more responsible activities and by extension behavior with respect to protecting the environment. Planting trees within the community, will help protect respective community environments. A campaign geared at educating the public will help promote a social awareness, that translates into building community and social cohesion, amongst neighbors and within the household.

3- Sustainability Drives

We will plant trees to promote the conservation of our natural resources. Tree planting efforts will ensure our country conserves its biodiversity; and in conserving our biodiversity, we conserve our history; and our legacy; in terms of what Barbados means to its citizens and its friends.

4- Economic Transformation

To plant trees (and crops) for food security in order to provide food and nutrients for our people. The project will look at strategic approaches to promote agribusiness and agroforestry: working alongside the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security, it will be one of our objectives, to provide the public with access to information, about initiatives and incentives for agriculture, food production and food nutrition, on various scales; from the kitchen gardener to industrial farmer.