It is the purpose of our project, to not only plant trees in solidarity with our: environmental; atmospheric and ecological commitments; but also, in compliance with the needs of our own sovereignty. As a Small Island Developing nation, it is critical for Barbados’ survival and viability; that we find the means and ways to: adapt to Climate Change, mitigate Global Warming and arrest Green House Gas Emissions – one approach in resolving the above challenges, is to strategically plant trees.

Food Security

This initiative will be managed and executed in concert with the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security (MAFS). In planting trees for Food Security, the intention is to increase the availability of nutritional supplements – provided by trees (crops and herbs); and to reduce the occurrence of non-communicable diseases, by ensuring that we produce and consume foods, by more organic and natural means. To this effect it is the intention this project to help spur local agribusiness development and conserve the amount of foreign exchange spent, on food importation.


We plant trees for soil conservation; for the gullies and other areas with geological features, which make soils susceptible to erosion and degradation. We also will plant to ensure that we have particular control over water runoff, in order to increase rainwater retention. In almost the mirror opposite approach; we will plant trees to protect certain vulnerable areas from flooding, by fortifying the banks of: water courses and channels of natural drainage relief (or gullies), with trees.

Community Development

Tree planting for community development involves working with NGO’s like 4H groups; Schools; Churches and other Community Organizations, to promote the planting of trees. Some of these trees (and by extension shrubs) are for Shade; some are for Beautification; some, for Food Security and others are for Conservation. Each tree planted, has a particular purpose in fulfilling the mandate, of using trees as a basis, to promote a new cultural dimension and a new understanding of the environment, by our people.